Wednesday, October 21, 2009

We hear from you

On Saturday afternoon at Flourish we will run a session called "We hear from you". In that we want to collect feedback not just about the conference but about women's ministry in the PCA and what directions it can or should take. We'll divide up into small groups and ask each group to work on one of the following six questions as well as making general comments. You might like to start thinking about them now or add a comment, or even suggest how we can improve the questions (its not too late!).

1. Comment on employment and ministry leadership opportunities for women in the wider denominational setting. Discuss the blocks and the ways to overcome any unnecessary obstacles.

2. What do you believe a Session can do to affirm the importance of men and women working together in ministry in the local church?

3. How should women's ministry be structured at the State & National levels and what is needed is make it effective and responsive?

4. How should women’s ministry be structured at the congregational level and what is needed is make it effective and responsive?

5. Suggest ways that the State Assemblies and/ or the wider Presbyterian church can develop resources for training, developing and encouraging women to assist the local congregations. Also consider how to ensure commitment to biblical principles.

6. Discuss what will need to happen to strengthen the networking across the denomination with the various women’s organizations in all the states.

Are there any other areas we need to look at?

Are there things you would like to improve if a conference like Flourish was held again?

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