Monday, September 12, 2011

Twelve Extraordinary Women : A book review!

John Macarthur brings to life the stories of twelve of the women in the bible... Eve, Sarah, Rahab, Hannah, Mary, Anna, The Samaritan Woman, Martha & Mary, Mary Magdalene, Lydia. He brings them to life in a way that you will relate to... and you'll realise that the women in the bible are not so different from us... there are many lessons to be learned, challenges to be shared.

You will also see that women are not secondary to God's plan for salvation but right at the heart of it! What an amazing encouragement that is! You will see how God uses their lives, complete with failings just like ours, to shape his Kingdom and help His people. You will realise that God doesn't use spiritual giants, he uses everyday women like you and I to fulfill His purposes.

This book is a delight to read, it has just the right amount of readability while still providing depth and insight. You will certainly come away having learned new things and being prompted to put into practice what you've learned. This book would also be great as the basis for a bible study group, or to give to Christian women in your church! I highly recommend it!

Find it at your local Christian bookstore or online!

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