Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Trusting God through the Seasons of Life

I am thoroughly enjoying the beginning of "daylight savings" and the glorious spring days that we have been having here in Tasmania. Those long and difficult winter days now seem a thing of the past and everything is bursting forth in it's new spring greens... I am quite sure that Spring is my favourite season, even my little 4 year old commented yesterday, "This is the perfect degrees Mum!"

And so too Naomi Reed opened her talk last week in Hobart, with the notion that if it could only just be spring all the time and stay like this forever, our lives would be just as we wanted them all the time. The promise of a new beginning, times of winter and difficulty now past. Yet that is not often what our lives look like. God allows our lives to move through different seasons, times of busyness with so much to do, endless summer, times of change and fading, autumnal and then those very dark days of winter where we wonder just where God is leading us?

Naomi spoke to us about the different seasons of her life both here in Australia and in the many years she spent as a missionary with her husband and sons in Nepal as told in her first book My Seventh Monsoon with reflections from the book of Ecclesiastes.

It was wonderful to have to opportunity to host Naomi at St John's with many women and men joining to hear as she shared her life and the things that the Lord has been teaching her over many years and through the varying seasons of life. It was great reminder about relying on God and trusting him and not becoming complacent during those fresh new days of spring but to hold firm to him through all of our days. Naomi's other books include, No Ordinary View and Over My Shoulder.

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