Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A wonderful weekend in Tasmania...

Women across all ages and from many churches joined together for our Tasmanian Women's Camp. We were fortunate enough to have Margaret Thatcher, current President of the Presbyterian Women's Association in Australian, join us as our speaker for the weekend, (Margaret is pictured second on the left.)

It was great for the women of our Tasmanian churches to hear of the work that the PWA is doing throughout the nation. It was especially heartening to hear how the gifts of personal items of hand cream and moisturiser have been so well received by the women who are visited by the PIM patrols.

Margaret shared with us about her work with her husband Darrel when they were missionaries in Vanutu, 1995-2000 working within the Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu at the Talua Ministry Training Centre. She is now working alongside Darrel in their current role as regional co-ordinators for Western Australia with Wycliffe Bible Translators. The weekend also included an excellent Bible Talk from Margaret on Psalm 62.

Approximately 60 women joined together on the beautiful North West Coast at Camp Clayton retreat. The weekend was filled with women singing, praying, chatting, laughing and sometimes even crying as we built relationships and shared with each other. The main Bible studies were from the book of Ephesians Chapter 1 verses1-14, as we looked deeply at all that have 'In Christ'. Every spiritual, it was really mind stretching, especially as we applied it to our lives and our churches. We finished of by asking ourselves how God's great purpose for our world should shape our priorities in our lives and in our churches.


Margaret Thatcher said...

It certainly was an encouraging weekend and thanks again to everyone that made me so welcome on my first visit to Tasmania.

60 women aged 12 weeks old to 70+ from different congregations and denominations, united in learning more about trusting Jesus in everything. I praise God for such wonderful opportunities to share together!

Ronda said...

This was good to see - how do you get to hear about these?