Wednesday, October 12, 2011


WMPCA holds a conference called Flourish, which by the way is on again in July 2012. Recently I picked up a book at a favourite bookstore I frequent called "Flourish, discover the daily joy of abundant, vibrant living" by Catherine Hart Weber, 2010. The book caught my eye firstly as the title mentioned the word flourish, but it also grabbed my attention as I have been feeling, well lets say, a little 'less vibrant' than I like to feel. So I bought the book. After flicking through it for some pearls of wisdom, I decided to give it a go and read it. I enjoyed the book and glad I bought it.

Catherine defines flourishing as discovering and becoming exactly who God wants us to be, and then use our lives to help others, do good and know and trust God. While the book didn't necessarily break me into a vibrant sweat of activity, it did heighten my awareness of Gods love for me and reawaken my gratefulness for His mercy and love. Ít challenged me to be me - as God created me - and love others in creative ways that might make a difference in their lives.

Maybe you might find this book good and encouraging, and maybe you will embrace tranquility. I end with the Bible verse that Catherine starts her book with:

Psalm 92:12-15 TLB The godly shall flourish like palm trees, and grow tall as the cedars of Lebabnon. For they are transplanted into the Lord's own garden, and are under his personal care. Even in old age they will still produce fruit and be vital and green. This honours the Lord, and exhibits his faithful care.

Hopefully I will meet you at Flourish in Sydney, July 27 & 28, 2012.

Many Blessings

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