Tuesday, August 2, 2011

a great meeting...

I really enjoyed the opportunity to meet with other people from various parts of Australia to talk about Women's Ministries in the Presbyterian Church.  I loved the fact that I was meeting old friends and making new ones.  Sydney is of course a great place for a meeting and the fact that it was definitely winter in Hobart and it was a sunny blue sky day in Sydney was not lost on me! 

It was so good to have to whole day to meet together and have some really robust discussions about the ways in which we can be encouraging the work of the gospel in the Presbyterian church across the country.
Another highlight was meeting some of the women from the New South Wales PWA who were preparing food for Park Patrol.  I was really blown away by their commitment to serving those in need, in the inner city.  They were so welcoming and commented on how they were encouraged by meeting a younger women all the way from Tasmania...it struck me that surely this is exactly what the WMPCA is all about.  Such an excellent forum to encourage and build one another up all around the nation. 

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