Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Women's Winter Festival Hobart

Winter in Hobart is a time of long nights and short days so it has been wonderful to have the opportunity to meet together with other women from the various Presbyterian churches in town to share some winter evenings...

One Saturday a month during each of the winter months we have met together for good music, mulled apple juice, hearty winter soups and delicious desserts.  The theme for this year has been Jesus in the Psalms and each month we have heard a bible talk from women involved in ministry in Tasmania.

Women of all ages have met together and are able to choose from a range of discussion groups which are held whilst people are eating.  Mentoring one to one, Ministry of the Pew, Promoting communities of Grace are some of the discussion topics so far this winter.  New relationships are established and old friends meet up as we mingle and then make a selection from the table of desserts on offer!

A wonderful evening full of rich discussions and such a fantastic forum for encouragement and building each other up in love and in service of our Saviour.

The next Women's Winter Festival will be held on 27th of August at the Philip Smith Centre, beginning at 5pm.

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Mairi said...

Wow! What a rich source of encouragement that all sounds!